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Welcome to DrumMelody.com 

Find your voice on the drum set. 10,000 hours of practice can help technical mastery.  However, if you dedicate some of that time to drum melody you will also develop your own personal voice. A melodic approach to drums will make any drum solo, fill, and groove memorable and your own.


Drum Melody can be approached in the following ways:


  • Literally played note-for-note sounding exactly like a saxophone playing the head of a tune.

  • Close to a note-to-note approach using the high and low pitches of the drums to outline the shape of the tune.

  • A completely rhythmic approach, repeating and embellishing rhythmic motifs to add coherence to any solo or tune.

  • Any combination of the approaches above.

This website is designed to help you understand different approaches to this concept and hopefully give you ideas on how to create your own.  


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