About Nuc Vega

Nucleo Vega is an accomplished performer, educator, and author. He has a Masters in Jazz Performance and a Bachelors in Music Education. His teachers include Mike Shepherd, Mike Clark, Steve Fydik, Sean Rickman, Ralph Peterson, and Chuck Redd. Nucleo is sponsored by Bosphorus Cymbals and Vic Firth. 


Recently, Nuc’s drum solo over Mongo Santamaría’s, “Afro-Blue,” was featured on the homepage of Bosphorus Cymbals. In addition, Nucleo's drum transcriptions are featured in Mike Clark's new book:  The Post Bop Drum Book by Hudson Music.


Nucleo was awarded the First Year Educator of the Year award in Howard County, Maryland. His first book: Understanding Groove for Drum Set was featured in Modern Drummer, Jazz Times, Drum! magazine, and Drummer Magazine. Understanding Groove was a finalist for Best Drum Book of the Year by Drum! magazine.  His next book, Paradiddles Redefined for Drum Set was featured in Modern Drummer April 2010 and received rave reviews. He has written for Moderndrummer.com blogs and has been a guest speaker for Teach for America.


Currently, Nucleo is a band director at The Equity Project (TEP) Charter School in New York City.  The New York Times recognizes TEP as "one of the countries most closely watched educational experiments."  In addition, he is a professional drummer in the Baltimore/DC and NYC area. His concert bands have earned superior and gold ratings in county and states. In 2017, TEP students performed with Pharrell Williams and Smokey Robinson.  Nucleo's students have performed in venues such as Carnegie Hall and have been accepted in top music high schools in NYC such as Talent Unlimited, Celia Cruz High School, The Special Music School, and LaGuardia High School known for the movie, Fame.


Nucleo is available to do clinics and workshops. Previous workshops include the following: PAS Day of Percussion MD/DE, The Drum Melody Workshop at Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center and Russo Music, Goucher College Summer Arts Institute, AACS Percussion Camp, College Park Arts Exchange, Drum Stock, and Shepherd University Percussion + Drumming Festival. 


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Paradiddles Redefined for Drum Set: The ultimate idea generator! Nucleo Vega shows step-by-step how to transform Paradiddles into NeoParadiddles. Through NeoParadiddles, you can take any simple idea and within seconds create countless variations, exploring it to the fullest. This book will help expand your vocabulary, create better fills and solos, improve ambidexterity, practice more efficiently, and play more musically. This book is easy to memorize, and you can start applying these concepts to any playing situation. Paradiddles Redefined for Drum Set will change the way you hear drums!!!

Understanding Groove for Drum Set: Understanding Groove is a thorough and innovative analysis of groove created by master drummer and highly acclaimed teacher, Nucleo Vega. This book will show you how to achieve a deeper feel and more consistent groove by bridging the gap between your physical and auditory awareness. Topics covered: whipping, Moeller technique, syllables, verbal loops, shapes of groove, nuances, speed perception, technical aspects, beat placement, poly-tempos, consistency, two- level concept, balance and many more. Includes online audio and online video with duration of 61minutes.

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